Final Demo Test (VT8)

Can be done in your own MOT Station for Free

Or through a sponsored MOT Station

Can be done with us for a small fee, which includes and additional full days training

When you pass the MOT Testers course you’re nearly there! You will need to do a DVSA demo test. This is free if you use your own MOT station or you can use our site for a small fee. We can help to arrange your final observation test and we offer an additional days training.

We offer an extra full day of MOT training as practice 24 hours before your final DVSA Demonstration test, or you can hire our VTS station for a 3 hour slot just for your demo test. Which includes specialist fault finding homework for the MTS system.

A mentor then acts as your MOT assistant during your final DVSA observation.

Ideal if your employer refuses to sponsor you.

Entry Requirements

  • MOT Tester Qualification (We can provide this qualification)

  • Level 3 Qualification (We can provide this qualification)